Nancy Kress is a science fiction author from Rochester. She has written thirteen books, so her Web site says. I’ve encountered some of her short stories through the podcast Escape Pod.

The first was “Nano Comes to Clifford Falls” and it caught my attention the way a neighbor does, friendly, gesturing you over: take a look at this. But the story worms its way in while you feel as if this is all familiar territory. High-high tech meets midwestern farm town. Ms. Kress is working a different angle than you might expect from modern genre fiction, not going for a snigger-at-the-hicks or supergizmo titilation. She’s writing about what it’s like when the telephone showed up or the printing press and what those things do to one’s life and those one lives near. Maybe she’s even writing about what it’s like to become an adult. You wake up one morning and you’re different. You wake up and now you have access to the world in a completely new way, unpredictable yesterday.

You can read “Nano Comes to Clifford Falls” and hear it read at

Escape Pod also has a few other stories by her:

Margin of Error


End Game

Update: Nancy Kress has won the Nebula Award for her novella “Fountain of Age.” Excellent news.