Emulso is a company in Buffalo that makes soaps, polishes and other like products. They also sell a dishsoap under the Dash’s Market house brand and does what you would expect a dishsoap to do. Emulso also apparently makes a biodegradable pine cleaner that I shall try soon.

I am fascinated when I find anything of use being made in Buffalo and the areas surrounding. It’s not that I am ignorant of the fact that quite a lot of things are made in the area, quite the contrary, I think. It’s that finding people doing things productive or creative (even making something as unheralded as soap) crashes into the assumption of the area as a wasteland.

I don’t intend to act as a booster for the city or for any company or group or, really, anybody. I do have enthusiasms, of course, and I think that this one is more about discovering, each time, my own ignorance. There is always something new, unexpected or different than the “complete” world that I assume each day upon waking. So I find myself in a city with a company that makes soap on an industrial scale. Strange, perhaps.